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2016 AMSA Winners

 January 29, 2016

Award Recipients

Daitch Jonathan S. Daitch, M.D. was presented with The Award for Citizenship & Community Service for outstanding leadership and public service above and beyond the call of duty as a practicing physician. This includes service within the local community and abroad.
Gitu Alfred C. Gitu, M.D. was presented The Award for Health Education in recognition of being an exemplary physician who educates other physicians and health workers and for his dedication to caring for the medical community.

Anthony F. Fransway, M.D. was presented with The Scientific Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding work in the areas of scientific medical research. This includes both basic science and clinical research


Daniel H. Galmarini was presented the Award of Appreciation for exemplary and a lasting contribution to the medical profession as a (non-physician) member of the medical profession.


Kevin B. Lewis was presented the Distinguished Layperson’s Service Award for contributing to the achievement of the ideals of medicine through the advancement of medicine, medical science, medical research, medical education or medical care.  This award includes those who support the medical profession through the delivery of medicine or medical research/education but are not themselves physicians, nurses, nurse practioners, physician assistants or other medical staff.


Daniel E. Dosoretz, M.D. was presented  the Leadership & Professionalism Award. This award underscores the Lee County Medical Society’s continuing dedication to the principles of medical ethics and the highest standards of medical practice.


Emad K. Salmon, M.D. was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award for his substantial contributions to the goals and ideals of the medical profession. Dr. Scott’s contributions have been sustained and substantial over a significant term of service in Lee County.


John W. Snead, M.D. was presented the Award of Appreciation for Co-Editor of the "Bulletin" For his outstanding dedication and loyalty for 28 years of continued service to the LCMS beginning September of 1987 to present.