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2014 AMSA Winners

 January 17, 2014

Award Recipients


Left to right:  Ashish G. Sharma, M.D.; James W.  Orr JR., M.D.; Laurie Wies, R.N.; Thomas Carrasquillo, M.D.; The Late Robert E. Arnall, M.D.'s family; Lowell L. Hart, M.D.

Ashish G. Sharma, M.D. was presented with The Award for Health Education. This award will recognize the professional or public health education activities of a physician.  This may include those exemplary physicians who educate other physicians and health care workers. Physicians involved in non-promotional community service education will also be considered.

James W. Orr Jr., M.D. was presented with The Leadership & Professionalism Award. This award underscores the Lee County Medical Society's continuing dedication to the principles of medical ethics and the highest standards of medical practice. Dr. Orr has remained active in organized medicine, is dedicated to the principles of medical ethics and dedicated to the highest standards of medical practice; he has made an outstanding contribution through active service in medical ethics activities.

Laurie Wise, R.N. was presented with the Non-Physician Award of Appreciation. For exemplary and a lasting contribution to the medical profession as a (non-physician) member of the medical profession.

Thomas Carrasquillo, M.D. was presented with the Award for Citizenship & Community Service for outstanding leadership and public service above and beyond the call of duty as a practicing physician. This includes service within the local community and abroad.

The Late Robert E. Arnall, M.D.'s family was presented the Posthumous Award. In memory of an outstanding physician for their substantial contributions to their Lee County medical community and their leadership in the field of medicine.

Lowell L. Hart, M.D. was presented with the Scientific Achievement Award.  This award is given in recognition of outstanding work in the area of scientific medical research. This will include both basic science and clinical research. Work done while residing within the county will be emphasized although previous research outside of the region will be considered.