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Sergeant First Class Josef Barmoha appeared before the Florida Board of Medicine at their board meeting on April 4, 2014, in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  He enlisted the board's assistance in sharing information regarding the Army Medical Corps.  Below are two brochures from SFC Barmoha which describe opportunities available in the Army Medical Corps, including training, grants and special pay,

Cleveland Clinic Florida

Update in Joint Reconstruction Surgery

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Charlotte’s Web has always had special meaning for me as it was the first book that was read to my 1st grade class by our teacher.   Remember the era when there was an actual scheduled time period each day when you were expected to sit at your desk and focus on a real live person who would actually read to you?    I am sure that E.B White would never have dreamed that his classic would become synonymous with the first strain of marijuana legalized in the state of Florida.

"The Pain of Dissection"

 The recent release of Medicare part B physician payment data by CMS can be likened to our basic anatomy class involving the cadaver, the major difference is that we are alive and can feel the pain.  Dissection is a tried and true method of learning, particularly when it comes to structure and function.  However, we were not left alone but had an instructor who helped to guide us through the process.  Also, we were taught and it was emphasized to treat our cadaver with the utmost respect.   Unfortunately, the “dump of data” has been done as s

SGR Update: Senate Passes HR 4302

An Apple a Day..........Not a Bad Start

     During a recent week off, I took advantage of the time to catch up on some journal reading.   Those of you who have not totally embraced the digital age, can understand that a threshold height exists of the tower created by the stacking of  ripped-out or marked journal articles and other “notably interesting” articles that either will be read or thrown out---mine had well exceeded the limit.

Information Regarding the Holding of April 2014 Claims for Services paid Under the 2014 Medicare physician Fee Schedule

Cleveland Clinic 2014 CME Calendar of Events

Supreme Court invalidates Medical Liability Caps

The Doctor's Company CME's Available


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